Specific WooCommerce Optimisations

The options above all help WooCommerce, but if you have a large site or a large number of orders, then these specific WooCommerce options will help you.

Optimising WooCommerce Updates

WooCommerce has code on multiple pages which forces deletes against wp_options in relation to WooCommerce version upgrades. These delete operations are written in such a way that they cannot use indexes on wp_options. This means, if you have a lot of options (e.g. a lot of transients) that your wp-admin pages will intermittently be locked – on our reference site (820,000+ products) this intermittent shutout can last for up to 3 minutes. This in turn means these ‘updates’ never truly complete.

Enabling this option makes Scalability Pro rewrite these delete operations to be able to use the indexes and makes the delete operation virtually instant. This option is enabled by default.

Remove WooCommerce Order Summary

If you have a lot of orders, you will notice your wp-admin pages slowing down. WooCommerce runs the Order Summary dashboard script which you probably never look at or use and it can add multiple seconds to wp-admin page load, depending on your order-volume.

Order summaries are still available by going into WooCommerce -> Reports, this option just removes the dashboard widget and is enabled by default.

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