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Faster sites make more money, get more traffic and beat the competition. The Rocket Stack Cluster offers professional-level hosting at a fraction of the cost you’d expect.

  • Get the fastest WordPress stack possible
  • Separate expensive batch-processing imports from real-time user traffic
  • Does not include hosting costs – you pay Digital Ocean directly for hosting

The Rocket Stack Cluster is fully supported, so long as you continue paying the monthly subscription fee but you may also wish to support yourself – in that case, you can cancel the subscription at any time – the minimum term is one month. Support for the Rocket Stack Cluster includes security and software updates and priority support to keep your cluster running smoothly.


WP Engine have amazing 24 hour support, they also make it really easy to migrate, and they’re the original creators of the Mercury stack on which the Rocket Stack is based.

We’re focusing on plugins and do not offer the stack as a service any more.

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Make your website the fastest it possibly can be.

If you want your WordPress website to be fast, this is the service for you. We will build a new WordPress environment for you on Digital Ocean (at a location of your choice and price per month of your choice – other VPS providers may be possible too – ask us) using the LATEST and GREATEST tools, speed boosts, caching services, compilation engines and more to ensure your site loads in the fastest speeds possible for a single server configuration.

Server Configuration

We offer multi-server configurations with this service. This makes you the fastest possible stack you can get for your money.

We have hand-picked the best components for your server to make it as high performance as possible.

Each server will have the following high-performance items installed and configured:

  • Varnish – front-end accelerator
  • Nginx – high performance web server
  • PHP 7 – the latest high performance PHP
  • PerconaDB – 100% compatible with MySQL but twice as fast
  • Redis – ultra fast object cache (can be used for other caching too)
  • Fail2ban – you will be automatically protected from bot attacks at the firewall level – this boosts performance because it reduces server load
  • Real CRON job – don’t rely on customers visiting your site in order to run batch jobs, we install real cron
  • Lifetime SSL – we use letsencrypt to get you a free lifetime SSL certificate

Multi-server Configuration Options

If you are importing large quantities of data to your server there is an insurmountable fact you need to know:

Batch-processing and real-time processing do not mix well

If you are importing products using your front-end server, then you unavoidably run the risk of slowing things down for your website visitors.

The solution to this is to move to a multi-server configuration.

What normally happens with WordPress is this:

  1. User enters your URL in browser
  2. URL resolved to IP adress by your DNS provider
  3. Page requested from that IP address
  4. Page request processed by Nginx or Apache
  5. Request passed to PHP 7
  6. PHP 7 talks to MySQL or MariaDB to fetch any data required
  7. PHP 7 returns page to Nginx or Apache which then sends data to the client

What we do with our multi-server set up is we replicate the data at the back-end over multiple MySQL databases using PerconaDB Galera Cluster Replication.

Then at point 4 above, we insert a load-balancer element with Nginx. This load balancer allows us to send traffic to 2 or 3 back-end servers (PHP+MySQL).

Then we choose one of the servers – say server 1 – and only that server has WP CRON enabled. The other servers don’t have WP CRON enabled. That means, Server 1 becomes the batch processing server which runs all the WordPress CRON stuff (big data imports, image manipulation etc).

We also synchronise files using GlusterFS. That means, if you install a plugin on Server 1 – the plugin files will automatically be copied across to Server 2 & Server 3. Then when you activate the plugin, that option will be changed in the database and will be replicated too over to the other servers.

With Server 1 handling all your batch processing, we modify the load balancer to send web traffic to Server 2 and Server 3 and only /wp-admin/ and the real CRON accesses Server 1.

What we need from you?

In order to get the Rocket Stack, we will ask you to create a team in Digital Ocean and invite one of our team members.

We will need to know the size preference you have for the nodes in your cluster – minimum size is 2GB Ram.

Once we have created the load balancer droplet, we will need you to point a domain name at the IP address for it and let us know that domain name.


Specification: Rocket Stack Cluster


Single-site installation with support, 3-server cluster installation with support, Single-site installation with support (yearly), 3-server cluster installation with support (yearly)

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  1. James Taylor

    Wow – I never expected WordPress could be so fast!

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