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Super Speedy Sitemaps is a lightning fast sitemap index with Google News and Multisite support.

Seamlessly replace Yoast and Rank Math sitemaps and you can benefit from the ultra-fast sitemap generation in this plugin while still using the rest of the features from Yoast/Rank Math that you love.

Forked from the “Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps” plugin.

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With Super Speedy Sitemaps you will no longer have to worry about the 50,000 URL limit or the time it takes for a sitemap to be generated. This plugin is fast, consumes much less resource and can be extended via your very own modules (yes, no hooks needed!).

This plugin has been forked from the Better XML Sitemap plugin, with security holes fixed and performance improved even further.

Google News Sitemap

Easily integrate a “Google News Sitemap” into your sitemap index. This specific sitemap allows for the option to individually notify search engines. Moreover, whenever a new post is published under a news category, it automatically alerts all chosen search engines.

Image Sitemap

If any of your posts, regardless of their type, include a “Featured Image,” you can effortlessly incorporate these images into a sitemap dedicated to posts.

Sitemap Index

A sitemap index serves as a central directory that organizes multiple sitemaps within it. This is required because of the global industry sitemap URL limit of 50,000 URLs.

In order to allow you to have more than 50,000 items in your sitemap, we need a sitemap index. This index itself can contain up to 50,000 items and link to deeper pages of your sitemap giving you effectively unlimited sizes for your sitemap.

To get your URLs recognized and indexed by search engines, submitting just the sitemap index suffices. There’s no need to submit each sitemap individually, simplifying the process significantly.

Sitemap Index Performance

Tested on our million product store, the sitemap index is the slowest part of your sitemap to generate but it still beats Yoast and Rank Math sitemap speed by miles.

WordPress SEO Sitemap Index for one million products generated in 13 seconds

Sitemap Paginated Page Performance

Without Scalability Pro installed, Super Speedy Sitemaps is not quite as fast as you might like – generating a list of 5000 URLs, the query to run that takes 24 seconds. However, with Scalability Pro installed and the sitemap index created, these pages generate in 0.8 seconds. Given these pages are going to be cached once generated, and they’re only used as indexes by Googlebot, that’s definitely fast enough.

Sitemap leaf generation on a one million product store takes 24 seconds without Scalability Pro

Paginated sitemap pages to list 5,000 products at a time, generated in 0.8s with the combo of Super Speedy Sitemaps and Scalability Pro

Splitting post-based sitemaps

Super Speedy Sitemaps GXS automatically divides large post sitemaps into smaller sections once a limit is reached. For instance, if you’re managing 200K posts and prefer each sitemap to contain 10K posts, the plugin will split post.xml into 20 separate parts, ranging from post_part1.xml to post_part20.xml. This strategy not only circumvents the 50,000 URL limit without the need for custom modules but also ensures that your sitemaps are more compact, lighter, and quicker to generate.

Multi-site compatible

Every site in your network will be equipped with its unique sitemap index and corresponding sitemaps.

  • For those using a sub-domain setup, the sitemap index can be accessed at
  • If you’re operating with a sub-folder structure, find your sitemap index at

Your main site will always host a central sitemap index, available via

Additionally, adopting the sub-domain strategy allows each sub-domain to maintain its distinct robots.txt file.

Custom sitemaps using modules

This plugin allows you to craft custom sitemaps through modules. Each module is essentially a .php file that instructs the Super Speedy Sitemaps GXS on constructing a sitemap file. You’re free to enhance existing modules or invent brand new ones.

The plugin includes a user-friendly base class for module development, equipped with an easy-to-use and well-documented API. With the power to define modules yourself, the possibilities for what your sitemap can include are limitless—enabling you, for instance, to effortlessly surpass the 50,000 URL limit mentioned earlier.

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Super Speedy Sitemaps
Super Speedy Sitemaps


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