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Hi Dave,I have recently discovered your fantastic work with your plugins and think that they could be of help to s specific client project I am working on. It is for a small charity / community project, which lists the war memorials and casualty names for a region of the UK. The public side of the website looks very small, but in reality it uses dynamic data, bringing through custom post types. Each memorial and casualty has its own individual post, which is rendered as the detail page for the search results.The website is shortly about to go live, but I wonder whether your plugins may be able to help with the speed issues the website is having. The Postmeta table has in the region of 900,000 rows, the majority of these relating to the CPT \"Casualties\". Therefore, these rows are being queried with every search.We are currently using the plugin Search & Filter Pro ( to handle the searchability of the data. It is very capable, but is resource intensive - I expect you have come across this plugin?Do you think that Scalability Pro, Super Speedy Search and Super Speedy Filters (either one or all) would help improve performance significantly?The Casualty page of the website is where most visitors will go and this is the page wwhere performance is at its slowest. The search form has many options / filters to allow researchers to drill down to the data they need. this is key to the website, along with the design of the search form. The search form has a number of conditional choices set throught eh admin area, so only relevant fields are shown when drilling down.I would be very interested in your thoughts.Many thanks,Christopher

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi – the info you provided me privately does not include the login URL and you have wp-admin and wp-login.php obfuscated to another location.

Can you come join our Discord server (link at bottom of every page) and chat to me directly?

To answer your question generally – Super Speedy Filters cannot help you yet as it only handles products currently, custom post types coming soon.

Scalability Pro will almost certainly help quite a bit for non-search related stuff so you should definitely get that.

I would need to check and see once logged in to see the queries your search plugin is using before I answer re: Super Speedy Search, but it’s likely Super Speedy Search will be far faster for your searches – I just am not sure about all the possible search filters you are referencing.

Come chat to me on Discord.

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