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Super Speedy Search brings fast and relevant search results to your users and your oft-forgotten site admins. Don’t pull your hair out with basic search, which matches too many things and doesn’t sort them properly.

Our search weights are fully customizable, and we even have our own custom-coded ajax handler to bring ULTRA-fast ajax to your WordPress website.

  • Stop losing visitors – give them instant, relevant and comprehensive search to let them find what they need
  • Impress your users – our gorgeous ajax interface and incredibly relevant results help your users find what they searched for!
  • Integrates tightly with our Super Speedy Filters plugin to filter the filter-widgets by your search terms
  • Make your site admins lives better! – we speed up and improve Gutenberg link search, order search, back-end product search, back-end custom post search and all search that uses the WordPress REST API or WP_Query.
  • Don’t waste money on expensive search – Super Speedy Search works with your existing MySQL 8 or MariaDB 10.2.2 database – if you are unsure which version of MySQL you have, check with your hosts, most let you upgrade for free! By using your own server, you avoid expensive 3rd party server-costs and your search isn’t held hostage!
  • All-in-one search – Searches everything – works with all post types, all postmeta, all attributes, all terms, all taxonomies with the full ability to tailor search weights and search-results ordering, per post-type, to your desire
Super Speedy Search takes advantage of and requires MySQL 8 or MariaDB 10.2.2 or later. These databases have been out for more than 4 years so all good hosts now provide upgrade options to MySQL 8 or MariaDB instead of MySQL 5.7.

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Key Features

  • Suggests as you type, based on common phrases from your site
  • Finds matching taxonomies and post types – configure how you wish!
  • Ultra fast, tested against multiple 1 million product stores every release
  • Integrates with our filters plugin to filter categories, brands and attributes by your search string – let your users drill down their search!
  • Fully customise your search results with weights, rules and display options
  • Supports posts, products and all custom post types and post meta
  • Display specific product variations in search results

Unrivalled Speed

We’ve worked hard to make Super Speedy Search faster than all other WordPress search plugins.

Multiple Fulltext Indexes

Most other search plugins use the slow LIKE operator. As your site grows, your site slows. We use fulltext indexes so that speed is always fast and as a bonus you get far more relevant results.

Custom Ajax Handler

The default WordPress ajax handler adds a minimum of 0.5s to the response time. This is an unacceptable delay, so we built our own ajax handler which responds in milliseconds.

Denormalised Table

We create and synchronise a ‘denormalised’ table to allow our fulltext search to happen against titles, content, excerpts, taxonomy names & descriptions and postmeta values – all within a single lightning fast search.

Our search query takes 0.2s against 1 million products on a $20 per month server!

Ajax Search

Instant search results with suggestions, taxonomy matches, a widget panel and posts of any type


Suggestions pulled from post titles on your own site, customisable how you wish!

Smart Variations

If using WooCommerce, Smart Variations displays the specified product variations.

Learn More

Smart Variations displaying the searched for product variations.
Smart Variations displaying the searched for product variations.

Ajax Search Results Panel

When your users search there are 4 sections in the ajax results panel:

Search Suggestions

These search suggestions are pulled from the most common phrases used in products & posts on your websites. Our customised fast ajax code means these suggestions appear instantly – as your users type.

Taxonomy Suggestions

These can appear underneath the search suggestions or to the right, depending on the options you choose in our plugin.

Widget Panel

The Super Speedy Search widget panel lets your place any widgets you like into the search results panel, and have them filtered by the search query.

Products/Post Type Matches

This shows the most relevant products or posts that match your search. There is one section per configured post type. Super Speedy Search is compatible with all post types including custom post types.

Full Page Search Results

Once your users hit enter, or click ‘See All’ on a particular post type, your users will see the full page search results.

Taxonomy Matches

Super Speedy Search can search your taxonomy names and descriptions to pull back matching taxonomies.

For example, if you have an author taxonomy and someone searches for ‘Dan Brown’ then they will see the matching Author term for Dan Brown where they can click to be taken to Dan Browns page on your website.

Theme Integration

Your results appear with an appearance consistent with your theme. Whatever templates you have currently set up to handle each post type search results page will continue to be used, with the addition of our taxonomy matches area at the top and of course the super speedy search results appearing faster than you can imagine.

Post Types

All post types can be handled by Super Speedy Search, so whether your full page search results are products, posts, properties or anything else at all, we’ve got you covered.

Super relevant search results

Super Speedy Search

Weighted Search

Every site has different search requirements. Use our weights to tailor results perfectly

Faceted Search

Search applies to your filters/widgets. Let your users drill down and find what they need

Fuzzy Search

Match spelling variations and keyword stems

Weighted Search

Out of the box, Super Speedy Search beats other WordPress search plugins when it comes to showing the most relevant items first.

Our use of multiple fulltext indexes allows us to tailor text-match weights accurately against your items whilst our lightweight & efficient denormalisation of wp_posts, wp_postmeta and the term tables allows us to score items properly and fully.

For example, if you search for “Gucci dress”, the word Gucci might not even appear in the title of the product, yet Super Speedy Search will find it because it performs text search across the product category name & description and the brands, all at the same time as searching the title and content.

Of course, we also allow you to customise these weights so you can score items higher or lower depending on a variety of factors.

Weights per post-type

All of our weights can be configured per post-type giving you complete control to adjust how search occurs against your articles versus your products.

Text Match Weights

You can score text matches higher for titles, excerpts/short descriptions, content, term names, term descriptions and meta values. We provide tried and tested default weights to get you started.

Meta Match Weights

You can increase the score of search result items if their postmeta data matches certain rules – e.g. boost instock products higher in the search results, boost articles written in the past 6 months and more. Your imagination is your limit.

Meta Multiplier Weight

You can also boost items based on a decimal value stored in postmeta. This can be useful to boost the search ranking of higher rated items, or more commonly read articles – however you wish!

Age Weight

Typically used to reduce the score of older items, our age weights automatically calculate how many hours old an item is and let you adjust the score of the items accordingly.

Faceted Search

Super Speedy Search integrates with other WordPress filtering plugins to allow you to drill down further in your search.

For example, if you add the product category widget to our ajax panel then someone searches for ‘toys’, you’ll see the category widget appear filtered by the search term to match categories containing items with the word ‘toys’. 

This allows your users to quickly drill down, e.g. by clicking Dogs they will now see the Dogs category filtered by the ‘toys’ search term.

Taxonomy Search & Faceted Search

Super simple to use

No third-party servers

Keep things simple and keep costs down with no sacrifice in quality or speed

All post types

Search through all post types with a single search

Auto Index Update

Full-text indexes are automatically updated on your own server

Super Speedy Search uses your server

There is only one competitor we know of that even comes close to the speed we achieve, but they do it using expensive third-party servers.

Why third-party servers suck

Third party servers cause a number of problems:

  • Far more expense to you, more maintenance cost
  • Server and search switched off if you don’t pay for managed services
  • High latency between updating items and seeing the results in search
  • Increased chance of downtime – especially if you have no control over the third-party server

Everything is automated

Install, activate, choose settings, save.

Automatic Table Maintenance

We create a copy of your wp_posts table with some additional columns added to allow a single search to occur against the title, excerpt, content, meta values, tax names, and tax descriptions all at once.

Automatic Index Maintenance

Since we use MySQL fulltext indexes, they are automatically maintained by your own database with you needing to do absolutely nothing.

Super Speedy WordPress Search

WP Admin search

Fast product search, fast Gutenberg link search, fast everything search in WP Admin

Fast front-end search

Fast ajax and fast full page search results. Faster results for users and lower impact on your server

WP_Query and REST API

We improve ALL of your search if it uses WP_Query or the REST API

Fast front-end search

Super Speedy Search was built to solve WordPress search once and for all in an affordable way. That means ultra-high speed at a regular cost that all site owners can afford.

On our demo $20 per month server, 1 million products are searched and sorted in 0.2s and we test every release against this reference site and others to ensure we never drop any speed. 

Fast wp-admin search

Super Speedy Search intercepts searches against WP_Query and replaces the slow and unscored LIKE queries with fulltext MATCH/AGAINST queries.

This means that everything that uses WP_Query including the REST API and the vast majority of search operations are optimised by Super Speedy Search.

And for cases where WP_Query isn’t used, like with WooCommerce wp-admin product search, we have custom code implemented to speed that up too.

Compatible with everything


Compatible with WPML, Polylang, and Translatepress

ACF Support

ACF Support

Compatible with Advanced Custom Fields

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Compatible with Google Analytics

Built and tested against Polish, Greek and English WordPress websites

Everything about Super Speedy Search is multilingual ready, including WPML, Polylang and Translatepress (and presumably others). 

We personally recommend avoiding WPML however because it is slow and not optimisable by our Scalability Pro plugin.

Compatible with everything you use

We have built Super Speedy Search in conjunction with our super users, and they have helped ensure we maintain compatibility with everything you use.

That includes all custom post types, all translation plugins, ACF, WooCommerce categories, attributes, postmeta – everything is searchable and everything is searchable fast!

Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Dave Hilditch

How good is your support?

I work with our customers to drive development forward. We have a highly activate Discord server with a specific channel for Super Speedy Search, and we have a public issue tracker where bugs and feature requests can be recorded.

I release updates to our plugins almost every day. Check the Super Speedy Search change log and the Super Speedy Search Discord channel.

Why have I not heard about Super Speedy Search before?

I, Dave Hilditch, have been focusing on perfecting our suite of plugins before promoting them. You can look in the popular WordPress Facebook groups to find plenty people praising my work.

If you’d like to help us out, please share my work with as many people as possible!

Why did Super Speedy Search get created?

I originally made Scalability Pro to solve problems I was experiencing when building massive affiliate websites. There were two key problem areas that were not optimisable inside Scalability Pro – search and features – hence, Super Speedy Search and Super Speedy Filters came into being.

Who is Dave Hilditch?

I am the founder of Super Speedy Plugins and the creator of all the plugins sold on this website. I am the former Head of Search Technology at Skyscanner, so I know how to make search fast and scalable. I’ve been solving WordPress performance problems almost daily for the past 6 years.

Is there anything missing from Super Speedy Search?

I am constantly developing our plugins and Super Speedy Search has some exciting additions coming soon:

  • Full synonym and misspelling control
  • Auto-selection of variation images in archive e.g. if you search for white t-shirts, it should show the images of the white t-shirt even if the primary image for the product is blue
  • Optional text highlighting and auto-scroll on results page – e.g. if someone searches for ‘dog park’ then the article would have ‘dog park’ text highlighted in yellow and the page would scroll to the first mention of the dog park.

Can I request a feature?

Of course! I love suggestions and I implement suggestions from our users and power users all the time.

If you wish to suggest a feature, first come chat to me about it in the Super Speedy Search discord channel and if it hasn’t already been suggested we’ll create a feature request in our tracker and request comments from other users.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like it?

I hate the phrase “Can I get a refund” which is why I’ve been working tirelessly to make our plugins flawless before promoting them fully.

However, if you want a refund for any reason we will provide one within 60 days. You can also pay with PayPal who also provide a 60-day money back guarantee if you don’t trust my word.


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  1. Shawn T. (verified owner)

    Our current WP websites have been really laggy and despite switching to more powerful servers, we kept encountering bottlenecks until we found WPI.

    We are currently using Super Speedy Search + Scalability Pro and it has been phenomenal with the performance improvements!

    Across 2 of our websites on 1 server, we are looking at 90k MAU with 6k products total.

    Dave has also been a great help with any bugs during the setup process – really speedy response and he sure knows what he is doing!

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  2. Kostas M. (verified owner)

    Amazing plugin to create comprehensive and the fastest search for WP.
    It looks great and does exactly what the information says it will!

    After testing many pro search plugin, we found that SuperSpeedSearch was the only that could handle the amount of our products (300k+)!

    The support we received was fantastic–very timely and helpful! Any question & problem we’ve had has been answered & resolved.

    We were looking for a very advanced plugin and this plugin has helped us do just about everything we were looking for and more.

    Keep going wpintense team!!!

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  3. David G. (verified owner)

    I have been using Scalability Pro (also made by WP Intense) for a good few years now with no complaints and recently added Super Speedy Search and their Super Speedy Filters to our site.

    Super Speedy Search is working great on our site which has a hundred or so products, but the products have quite a lot of variations on them. Previously loading the full search results page was getting quite slow. Now with Super Speedy Search, when the customer hits enter or clicks to see all of the products from their search results it displays that page much quicker than any other plugin we have used previously. I’m very pleased with this, it is like some sort of performance wizardry!

    Customer service is great too and being able to get help from the discord server is very quick and convenient.

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  4. David G. (verified owner)

    I have been using Super Speedy Filters few years now and would recommend it to anyone running a large WooCommerce store. The filters are rapid compared to default WordPress ones and support is second to none. 10/10

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  5. Justin Murray

    Incredible woocommerce search plugin, performs great, support is fast if needed, and integrates well into my theme.

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