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Since we couldn’t optimize other filtering plugins fully through Scalability Pro, we had to make our own. Super Speedy Filters is the fastest, best-looking, most SEO-friendly WooCommerce filtering plugin, with plans to make it work on all post types in the near future.

It has been built from the ground up to transform filtering speed, with fully optimized ancestor tables, custom SQL, and fully customizable archive slugs and SEO control.

Some things could not be fully optimised by Scalability Pro alone which is why Super Speedy Filters was created. Our filters are built with modern hand-crafted SQL code and custom ajax handlers to transform the speed of your filtering, regardless of the size of your website.

  • Incredible variety of display and filtering options
  • Comprehensive SEO control for short and long tail archive pages
  • Includes our Smart Variation tech – filtering to ‘red’ items shows the red variation image and only for those products which are actually in stock in red. Clicking the item takes you to the product page with red already selected.
  • Stop losing sales – our custom ajax handler & hand-crafted SQL means filtering happens instantly!
  • Get more traffic – we build long-tail URLs for Googlebot like /product-category/dogs/brand/dogsrus/color/white/ and provide total control over canonical URLs and Googlebot indexing.
  • Works perfectly and sub-second with WooCommerce – All other post type filtering coming soon

Super Speedy Filters has been built from the ground up to be lightning fast – as always, we test everything against our reference million product store. It works perfectly in combination with our Super Speedy Search and Scalability Pro plugins.

Since this product is still in Beta, we advise you install and test this on a clone of your server before deployment to your live environment.

Super Speedy Filters takes advantage of and requires MySQL 8 or MariaDB 10.2.2 or later. These databases have been out for more than 4 years so all good hosts now provide upgrade options to MySQL 8 or MariaDB instead of MySQL 5.7.

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Key Features

  • Category, Brand, Attribute Filters
  • Custom taxonomy filters
  • Complete URL control, great for SEO
  • Complete dofollow/nofollow control
  • Lightning fast – sub-second filtering against 1 million products
  • Multiselect expand and multiselect narrow on any taxonomy
  • Variable stock-check filters
  • Product counts accurately reflect other filters
  • Inline filters – filters below or on top of items in your archive (e.g. clickable brand image on top of products)
  • Colour filters & Image filters for all taxonomies & attributes
  • Checklist, Radio, Popout, Popover, Dropdown, Lists and more display types
  • Custom postmeta toggle filters, range filters and selection filters
  • Extra widget area above products – great for our modern dropdown filters or showing existing filters. Stop using just the sidebar!
  • Compatible with every builder – Elementor, Oxygen, Beaver Builder, Themify, Elegant Themes, everything!

Lightning Fast

The whole reason Dave Hilditch made Super Speedy Plugins was to create plugins that make WordPress fast, regardless of how large you grow.

Optimised SQL Tables

Super Speedy Filters creates a table called object_ancestors which allows us to very quickly map out the hierarchies of your taxonomies.

Optimised SQL Queries

Hand-crafted to ensure you get the maximum speed from your server when generating your filter lists + item counts.

Proper use of Object Cache

The way we use the object cache allows filters to be re-used across multiple pages, reducing your server load even further and bringing more speed the more your site gets used!

Ajax pagination inside filters

Some of our users have 100,000+ items in one single taxonomy. For example, a Greek user has a Book Author taxonomy. Showing all 100,000 items on a single page does not make sense, so in addition to full-page ajax, we also have ‘inline ajax’ inside the filters so only the first 20 items are shown and then more are fetched if the users scroll the filter scrollbar.

Display Options

Tons of options for filter lists, dropdowns, containers, popouts, popovers, accordions, collapsible filters, image filters, colour filters, swatch filters, inline filters and more

Optimised Archive SEO

 Total control over URL appearance, archive titles, meta, and text above and below your archive PLUS total control over googlebot indexing – choose which archive pages appear to google to surge up the rankings!

Filter Everything

Filter on categories, brands, product attributes, custom taxonomies, author/vendor, postmeta data and more including dropdowns, lists, ranges, images and whatever else you can imagine.

Incredible Speed

Hand-crafted SQL and optimised object relations table to transform the speed of your filtering. We test this against our million product store prior to every release.

Smart Variations

If a user filters to ‘red’ products, only show red products which are in stock even if they are variations AND show the red image for that product so your customers see the options more clearly

Builder Compatible

We provide a widget area which appears above your WooCommerce archive and is compatible with every builder. In addition we provide a widget area with a shortcode which can be placed in your template builder. This is in addition to our widgets being compatible with your themes normal widget areas.

Fully Ajaxified

We have full page ajax for smooth filter transitions and inline ajax to handle taxonomies with 100,000+ terms and keep your pages loading fast!

Full Multiselect Control

Narrow or expand your multi-selections even across hierarchical taxonomies and with full pretty permalink support

Custom Post Type support (coming soon)

Currently, Super Speedy Filters is for WooCommerce only, but our underlying tables and SQL have been built with CPTs in mind. Coming soon.

Why choose Super Speedy Filters?

All competitor widgets that we have tested suffer the same problem – they have poorly designed code that either performs 1000s of queries per page (you can check yours with query monitor) or performs fast but large queries that then take seconds or even minutes to process in PHP. On our demo 1,000,000 product store our competition take over a minute to generate the filters on the archive page while Super Speedy Filters takes under a second!

The difference in WordPress and WooCommerce speed and scalability once you eliminate bad code is phenomenal.

We develop and test against a 1,000,000 product store and have superusers who help us test beta releases so you can rest assured that speed and scalability of your shop filters will never be an issue again!


Beautiful and Fast WooCommerce Filters

Super Speedy Filters product filters look gorgeous. By default we will inherit your current theme or filter styling, but there are many advanced Ux options to improve your customer’s shopping experience.

Screenshot displaying a selection of display options for Super Speedy Filters, including label. checkbox, radio, list, and circular colour display types.
Super Speedy Filters Display Options
The best WooCommerce Product Filters on the market

SEO Optimisation

We have the most advanced SEO options of any WooCommerce filtering plugin we’ve ever seen. We give you complete control over how your WooCommerce product archive SEO so you can bring more traffic to your fast shopping site and grow your revenue.

  • Pretty permalinks and complete URL control
  • Canonical URL control
  • Complete no-index, no-follow control
  • Meta title, meta description and Woo h1 tag control

Fully Supported

All customers get full access to our Discord server where you can chat directly to us about new features you would like, or any issues you have encountered. We normally respond within minutes!

Screenshot of Super Speedy Plugins Discord channel where a user has an issue and Dave Hilditch replies with a fix 20 minutes later.

Fully Featured

We are adding new features almost every day 

All new features are developed against our demo 1,000,000 product store to maintain our sub-second page speed and scalability, and we have superusers helping us test beta releases on our Discord server so you never have to worry about slow WooCommerce ever again! You can view our documented features on the docs tab above or our support pages for Super Speedy Filters.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Dave Hilditch

How good is your support?

I work with our customers to drive development forward. We have a highly activate Discord server with a specific channel for Super Speedy Filters, and we have a public issue tracker where bugs and feature requests can be recorded.

I release updates to our plugins almost every day. Check the Super Speedy Filters change log and the Super Speedy Filters Discord channel.

Why have I not heard about Super Speedy Filters before?

I, Dave Hilditch, have been focusing on perfecting our suite of plugins before promoting them. You can look in the popular WordPress Facebook groups to find plenty people praising my work.

If you’d like to help us out, please share my work with as many people as possible!

Why did Super Speedy Filters get created?

I originally made Scalability Pro to solve problems I was experiencing when building massive affiliate websites. There were two key problem areas that were not optimisable inside Scalability Pro – search and filters – hence, Super Speedy Search and Super Speedy Filters came into being.

Who is Dave Hilditch?

I am the founder of Super Speedy Plugins and the creator of all the plugins sold on this website. I am the former Head of Search Technology at Skyscanner, so I know how to make search fast and scalable. I’ve been solving WordPress performance problems almost daily for the past 6 years.

Is Super Speedy Filters compatible with all page builders?

Super Speedy Filters is the only Super Speedy Plugin that has some compatibility issues. For example, we do not have Gutenberg blocks for SSF, but there are 4 widget areas included in the plugin which you can display wherever you wish using shortcodes.

Can I request a feature?

Of course! I love suggestions and I implement suggestions from our users and power users all the time.

If you wish to suggest a feature, first come chat to me about it in the Super Speedy Search discord channel and if it hasn’t already been suggested we’ll create a feature request in our tracker and request comments from other users.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like it?

I hate the phrase “Can I get a refund” which is why I’ve been working tirelessly to make our plugins flawless before promoting them fully.

However, if you want a refund for any reason we will provide one within 60 days. You can also pay with PayPal who also provide a 60-day money back guarantee if you don’t trust my word.

Specification: Super Speedy Filters


Current version number


Last updated

11th July 2024

Tested up to WP version


Minimum WP version


Tested up to Woo version


Minimum PHP version

PHP 7.0

Minimum SQL version

MariaDB 10.2.2, MySQL 8



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Knowledge Base

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  1. Dimitris C. (verified owner)

    I have used scalability pro, super speedy filters and super speedy search in multiple sites. All of them work great and boosted speed greatly! The support in Discord is fast and reliable, and bugs are fixed super fast. I’m so happy I have found these plugins!
    Thank you

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  2. Mladan N. (verified owner)

    This plugin is absolutely amazing! There is no comparison to anything available on the market, whether free or paid. It transforms large WooCommerce stores, even those with 80K+ products, to perform like small, single-product stores. The results are displayed instantly. Very impressive!

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  3. Silver P. (verified owner)

    Best effing Woo filter on the planet. Period.

    All other filters turn to DB to get terms and stock levels. This is fine with small sites.
    18k products. Sort by brand? Dynamically populated filters based on category contents? YITH, Themify etc – you know that it adds around 9 seconds to page load. Hell no. With SSF i can barely notice speed difference but filters work like they suppose to.

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    • Dave H.

      Thank you so much for your review! Just one clarification for others, we also read from the DB for the terms and stock levels, but I write the queries myself to be ultra fast and SSF has it’s own highly optimised object relationships table which is far superior to the default ones provided with WordPress.

      For example, if you have a term which contains 20 other terms – e.g. different types of clothing inside the clothing category, default WordPress/WooCommerce will grab all the child terms of the clothing category and then perform a SQL statement like this: WHERE term_id in (1, 2, 3, 4, ….) IN statements in SQL are terrible and prevent further use of indexes. My table lets you say WHERE topterm_id = 1 and this naturally includes the children. I’ll write up a full info article on this soon.

      Also – if you have a look at the defines.php file, you’ll find some BETA level performance optimisations if you’re looking for EVEN MORE speed boost. Really! These beta options need to be added by adding the define to your wp-config.php file currently, but soon they will be in your options page.

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  4. Aleksey K. (verified owner)

    The developer is always in touch in discord.
    Filter working very fast (i use in ajax). I use woof before, but after 10 attributes itsa working slow. I use with Scalability Pro.

    Its realy very fast. Thank you Dave.

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  5. RENE J. (verified owner)

    We were looking for a filter plug-in that was compatible with our shops with 30-70 thousand products. Until then, no other filter was able to process such quantities satisfactorily and fulfil our wishes. Due to our good experiences with wpintense (Scalability Pro), we took Dave at his word and installed the plugin. Particularly noteworthy are Dave’s tireless improvements and first-class support. Almost all wishes are answered immediately and a solution is sought and found. The filter plugin is also therefore able to filter extensive shops extremely quickly and reliably. We are thrilled with the performance of the filter and the wpintense team! Of course we will now buy the “lifetime” licence.

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  6. Daniel A. (verified owner)

    It’s nice to look at the website after turning on this plugin, instant filtration of products even on pages with a huge amount of them. The plugin gives conditional display of filters, e.g. if we want a filter to be visible in a given place only, i.e. after selecting a category or taxonomy field, it will appear only when we select any category, which products are assigned to this category and there is at least one assigned to this product attribute . In addition, you can change the SLUG quickly, i.e. the link does not have to be the same as the filter name, we can choose another. It’s worth using. I spent a lot of time finding this plug and testing others in the market. I am currently stating that it is the # 1 plugin for filtering products on WooCommerce among the others. The top ones are often limited to e.g. 100,000 products, but filtering is also slower than this FWW plugin.

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  7. Neo n.

    Hi Dave,

    the plugin is great, very fast and highly customisable. Would be great if it was compatible with Yith Brands Add-on. We have many brand pages and would like to use filters on brand pages as well, such as filter by categories and attributes, which is very important for a e-commerce site. 


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  8. Stephan P.

    Hey Dave, this works quite well on

    I have a slight issue though:
    Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

    On that location:

    Cheers mate

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    • Dave H.

      Please visit the settings page and configure how you wish your permalinks to display and this warning should disappear.

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  9. Kevin G.

    Bringing errors and no support

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    • Dave H.

      When you first install this version, visit the settings page and hit save. It’s a known issue in the current version, fixed in the upcoming beta release.

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  10. savvas z. (verified owner)

    This is the third plugin i bought! Faster isn’t close to how fast woo widgets load! Excellent plugin!!!

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