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We are using Scalability Pro and we found out about Price Comparison Pro that might be what we are looking for regarding the Price Update tool. We need to grab Prices from our competitors providing a Competitor Product URL but we need the possibility to use Price Rules because the cheapest price on the market is not necessarily the price that we can offer for selling that product. We have a Woocommerce Regular Price (selling price) and Profit margin (ex: 10%).


Product ABC - Competitor 1 - Selling price 100

Product ABC - Our Website - Selling price 110 (acquisition price 100 that means Profit margin 10%)

We can not sell the product ABC because we get the product with 100 but set a Price Rule with a minimum Profit margin of 4% so the final price will be 104.

We are now using Octoparse and providing 12000 URLs daily and the scraped data is then put in Excel to make the calculation the imported via WpAllImport.

Is working but I would like to automate even further this process. Your plugin is great but with this it can be even greater.

Thank you.

Dave H. Staff replied 2 years ago

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Dave H. Staff replied 2 years ago

I am implementing this week – if you can join the #price-comparison-pro channel on our Discord server we can chat more about which rules to implement and test cases to confirm it’s all working perfectly before release.

Mihai L. replied 2 years ago

Hello, perfect, talk more on Discord in february when i return at the office.

Dave H. Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi – sorry for the delay in replying – I don’t have time right now to code this, but probably in mid-february I will have time. If this is something you’re still interested in come chat to me on Discord and I’ll get it scheduled in and detailed in our Trello development board.

Mihai L. replied 2 years ago

Depending on the price I am willing to sponsor this option plus there is a market for this as well. I am willing to give constant feedback (bugs, new options, usability, etc.) to improve this feature to become a Price Management Tool as good as others and without manual intervention from the owner like other are now. We have a paied license for Scalability Pro and we will buy as well Price Compaison Pro. Thank you

Dave H. Staff replied 2 years ago

Would you be willing to sponsor this feature add? I can heavily discount it for you and throw in a plugin bundle too. I have other bugs I’m fixing pre-new-year, so in any case it’ll need to wait until the start of January.

Mihai L. replied 2 years ago

I want to be able to update the prices in website based on the lowest price (competitors price) but never below acquisition price * 1.04

Example 1:
Competitor 1: 100 euro
Competitor 2: 110 euro
Competitor 3: 120 euro
Me: 110 euro (aquisition price 100 euro)

I want to lower the price becuase Competitor 1 has the lower price but i can not sell with 100 thats way the profit margin is set by default to 4%, and the new price update will be 104 euro

Example 2:
Competitor 1: 120 euro
Competitor 2: 130 euro
Competitor 3: 140 euro
Me: 110 euro (aquisition price 100 euro)

The price will be updated at 120 euro (or maybe 119,90 euro for marketing reason).

Dave H. Staff replied 2 years ago

So you want something which will update your price to match your competitors price or your acquisition price * 1.04 (whichever is higher)?

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