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. asked 2 years ago

Hi there,

A client of mine wants to display prices from other websites on his woocommerce website. His product prices then he wants to be cheaper than the other websites prices that are being compared.

EG - His Product would be £300 - Comparison price would be £350. If the comparison site changes their price, this will then change the price of my clients product.

Is this possible with this -

Thank you


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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi – I’m actually adding this option in right now to be ready for sometime next week.

If you can help with any rules you would like in order for this to be fully functional then it will help me develop this perfectly the first time. So far – what we have is this:

If competitor price < our price and > floor limit price:

set our price to competitor price minus X


set our price to competitor price X (e.g. 0.95)

With this approach, there would be the following settings:

Sitewide – price fraction or price subtraction

Per product – floor price

Is there anything else you can think of?

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