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Jos S. asked 1 year ago


I have installed your plugin for the filtering on a staging but it does not work

I don't get any filtered results (nothing happening).

I tried pricing filter, attribute filter and stock filter. In the front-end I don't get any UI for filtering too. Only the title of the widget.

How to fix this?

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 1 year ago

I need to improve the onboarding experience for super speedy filters. But basically this means the supporting tables have not yet been built. Visit Settings > Super Speedy Filters > Advanced – copy/paste that text and run it manually in phpMyAdmin since it should run normally but I guess your host is cancelling one of our long running queries.

Once that SQL is complete, it will maintain itself after that and the filters will appear.

Jos S. replied 1 year ago

Thanks for your reply. I have copy pasted it and I saw that the query worked. This notice was already on the backend and still displaying: Faster Woo Widget is building a performance assistant table (fww_object_ancestors) in the background to make taxonomy/category counts faster.

Jos S. answered 1 year ago

We have over 18k products FYI

Jos S. answered 1 year ago

I have checked again and filters are still not working fully.

Dave H. Staff replied 1 year ago

Hi – sorry for the delay in replying. Can you please come message me through Discord and I can get this resolved for you? You can message in the #super-speedy-filters channel. I’ll need to diagnose your issue.

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