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We are trying to login but it does not seem to be working - it just keeps taking us back to the login screen.

Please can hyou assist as our Price Comparrison Pro plugin is cuasing the site to crash as of today.

Note that the login username for this account is: phopinder.pannu

Kind regards


phopinder p. replied 2 years ago

Thank you for your quick reply. The logging in issue was that the login on the /my-account/ page was not working on the superspeedyplugins.com site, however logging in instead at /wp-admin/ did work so all good on that front.
The issue we were experiencing was that in Chrome we found that pages in both the front-end and back-end would load and then after a couple of seconds they would hang indefinitely. There were no clues in the console but we did find that all pages had something in common – they were either products on the front-end that had the Price Comparison Pro price scraper on them, or they were price scraper related pages in the back-end (example: /wp-admin/admin.php?page=pcpro-price-comparison). We eventually discovered that it was the Tag Assistant Legacy (by Google) add-on for Chrome that caused the Price Comparison Pro pages to hang so there seems to be an incompatibility there. Disabling it instantly returned everything to normal.
We do have a couple of functionality questions though.
a) How can we clear the scraping queue?
b) How best can we set it up so that the scrape interval is not more than 1hr (ideally less due to the nature of the business). We have it set to 1 but in recent days it seems to take several hours before refreshing. Possibly caused by a backlog in the queue?

Look forward to your thoughts.

Kind regards

Dave H. Staff replied 2 years ago

Thank you for letting me know – what kind of crash were you experiencing? I just tested logging in to my-account and it’s working for the two different users i tested.

phopinder p. replied 2 years ago

This was resolved by logging in at /wp-admin/ instead of through /my-account/.
Will follow up directly re. the crash issue.

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Dave Hilditch Staff answered 2 years ago

If you wish to clear the scraper queue, we do not yet have an interface for this but the queue is held inside a MYSQL table, so you can just empty that:

TRUNCATE TABLE wp_pcpro_scrape_queue;


Delete from wp_pcpro_scrape_queue;

I am keen to add more functionality to this plugin, but I’m a little hampered by lack of dev resource at the moment. In February I’ll be focusing mostly on Faster Woo Widgets upgrades to bring that plugin out of beta, but there could be room for some PCPRO updates to improve the scraper queue depending on what’s needed.

Come chat to me on my discord server and we can back and forth it and then come up with a plan.

phopinder p. replied 2 years ago

Many thanks Dave. We were able to clear the queue. We’ll be in touch via the Discord server.

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