WPI Fast Layered Category Widget

Michel J. asked 7 years ago

Hello Dave,

After the update to the one of the newest updates from Scalability Pro the Widget WPI Fast Layered Category doesn't work anymore. I'd Just tested the version 3 and there it is working ok. Can you look in to it?



Dave Hilditch replied 7 years ago

Can you confirm if you have the separate Faster Woo Widgets plugin installed?

Dave Hilditch replied 7 years ago

Looking – can you email me a URL and wp-admin access please? support@superspeedyplugins.com

1 Answers
Dave Hilditch Staff answered 7 years ago

I found the bug you are referring to and have deployed a fix. Please update the Faster Woo Widgets plugin to v1.04, then visit the Settings->Faster Woo Widgets page and click the clear cache button.

Your category dropdown/list will now work.

Michel J. replied 7 years ago

Thanx Dave, It’s working now!

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