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It’s finally here! The long awaited and requested update for our Price Comparison Pro is live with version 2.05. This update will allow you to scrape from websites which are using Ajax to load their prices.

What’s it about?

Price Comparison Pro‘s only limitation before the release of 2.05 was the inability to fetch prices from websites which use Ajax to load them. Using Ajax makes it impossible to grab the prices without simulating a browser fully, thus we came up with a solution to bypass this inconvenience in order to give you complete freedom while using our product.

At the moment, you can scrape prices using your own website with standard scraping. However, if you wish to fetch  prices from an Ajax website, you will need to use our PhantomJS service (Super Speedy Plugins Scraping Service). In order to do that, you will need to get a subscription for the service from THIS page. Once the order has completed and you have an active subscription, you will need to visit your ACCOUNT page and enter the API key you find there in the box on the bottom of the PCP settings page in your Wordpress admin area.

Our scraping service works for every website without any limitations, and you can terminate the subscription whenever you want.

What does this mean?scraper1

Unlike other products which offer scraping services, Price Comparison Pro had no limitations on where you can scrape from. It worked for absolutely any site and any product, the one and only problem were the websites which use Ajax to load their prices. With version 2.05, you can use our Price Comparison Pro with literally any product on any website out there. This is only the first of many awesome updates we have planned for the plugin, as we want it to be the most effective and easiest to use solution for scraping available.


Let us know what you think!

As always, the most important thing for the Super Speedy Plugins team is customer feedback and satisfaction. Are you satisfied with our product, have you found the update useful and would you like to see some specific features added in the future? Let us know in the comments down below!

Experiencing an issue with the Price Comparison Pro? Ask a QUESTION and a member of the team will be with you within 24 hours!

Do you wish to use the plugin, but have no time to install or configure it? Not a problem anymore, you can expect an installation service for ALL Super Speedy Plugins products to launch in the nearest feature.

Thank you for choosing Super Speedy Plugins.


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