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Hi everyone – it’s been a tough couple of weeks coming back from holidays.

I’m about half-way through all the tickets you’ve made for me, so if you’re awaiting a ticket, please bear with – I’ll have a response/resolution within the next 48 hours.

I’ve added a sales and marketing expert to the team – if you read my last blog article you’ll see that I’ve made the decision to avoid client-based work – this is good news for all you plugin customers, because it means I’ll be 100% focused on plugin upgrades and tickets.

His name is Stuart Burge – a fellow Scot – you can look him up if you wish, but he is sound and a very good guy and very keen to provide awesome service to everyone.

With that being said, his first port of call is to promote our new Premium Plugin Pack to as many affiliates as possible so we can bring in another hire or two permanently to the business.

We have some emails out for affiliates to promote our products – but if any of you guys are interested, regardless of how long ago you purchases any of our plugins, if you email me ( I will create a coupon for you to the value of your previous purchases which means you’ll get all our plugins plus all future plugins. Your license will renew from the point of purchase, so if you’re approaching or have past renewal date this is the perfect time to commit.

You can check out the premium plugin pack right here:


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