When should I rebuild the Super Speedy Filters tables

Super Speedy Filters creates and maintains some supporting tables which are built with a far superior structure to assist with querying against hierarchical taxonomies and underlying products.

While some users (host dependent) may need to build these tables manually on first install, these tables are then automatically maintained. However, there are some occasions when you will need to rebuild these tables.

Renamed term slugs

If you have renamed any term slugs for any of your taxonomies (product categories, brands, colours etc), you will need to rebuild the supporting tables. This is because the plugin relies on the term slugs to filter content and associate it with the appropriate categories and tags. When a slug is renamed, the plugin may not be able to find the correct content, leading to incorrect filtering results. Rebuilding the tables will update the plugin with the new term slugs and ensure accurate filtering.

Renamed taxonomy qualifiers

Taxonomy qualifiers are used to differentiate between different types of content or categories within your store, e.g. with the URL /brand/adidas then brand is the qualifier and adidas is the term. If you have renamed any taxonomy qualifiers, it can cause the plugin to become confused, as it will not be able to properly identify content or categories. In such cases, rebuilding the supporting tables will update the plugin with the new taxonomy qualifiers, ensuring proper filtering and organization of content.

Performed an import with do_action calls switched off

When you perform an import with do_action calls switched off, it prevents the plugin from executing certain actions that are required for maintaining its functionality. This can lead to discrepancies in the Super Speedy Filters tables, which may cause errors in filtering and content organization. To resolve these issues, you should rebuild the supporting tables after completing the import, ensuring that all data is properly updated and the plugin functions as expected.


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