Filters not displaying

If your filters are not displaying, check these potential issues below.

Old version of MySQL

Check you have MySQL 8 or MariaDB 10.2+. Super Speedy Filters takes advantage of new query structures such as CTEs (common table expressions) to improve speed.

As such, currently MySQL 8 or MariaDB 10.2 or up are required.

Filters are disabled

Our filters provide an option to let you test them prior to your customers seeing them. At the top of each widget you will find an option to Disable, Enable, or Enable for Admins.

Check your filters are enabled.

Underlying optimisation tables have not been built

When you first install Super Speedy Filters, we build supporting tables in the background. This process is entirely automatic and should complete within a few minutes depending on the size of your site.

If the other items on this page do not help, we recommend you install Query Monitor and view the page where your filters should appear. If you see red errors in Query Monitor and then clicking that shows database errors from Super Speedy Filters then it is highly likely these tables have not completed their build for some reason.

To resolve this, you can visit Settings > Super Speedy Filters > Advanced and click the button to rebuild the tables.

If this continues to fail, it may be the case that your hosts are killing long-running queries. On this same Settings > Super Speedy Filters > Advanced tab you will find a text box with the SQL required to build the initial table structure. Copy and paste this SQL into phpMyAdmin and run the SQL code manually.

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