Newly created term not appearing in widgets or term updated for product and not reflected in widgets

We maintain an optimised table representing your posts and their taxonomies. These tables are automatically maintained by the plugin, but if you find a term not appearing, or an altered term not updating then check out these potential causes.

Object Cache not flushed

We make extensive use of the object cache and we do not flush it on your behalf. This is to support our many massive customers who tend to update many products at once and then once done wish to flush their cache. If the widget terms and counts are not updating, the first thing you should try is to flush your object cache.

With Redis, you should visit Settings > Redis > Flush Object Cache

Tables out of sync

It could be possible somehow that our tables end up out of sync. If you flush your object cache and you find the terms and their counts are still not updating, please visit Settings > Super Speedy Filters > Advanced > click Rebuild, wait for it to complete, then flush the object cache again.

Note: if this happens to you, please notify us through our Discord server on the #super-speedy-filters channel so we can figure out this synchronisation issue ASAP and prevent it happening again to you, or to others.

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