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Search all Product Categories on the “Edit Product” page quickly, or toggle “All Active” product categories for a quick view of all checked product categories. Narrow down the checked products with search. Especially practical if you have many categories and are sick of scrolling. I was.

Screenshot of Super Speedy Meta Box Search feature, displaying the "Product Categories" box on the "Edit Product" page.

Start typing and results will appear as you type. The search matches the letter combination wherever in the word. Search results also display the full hierarchy, in case you have similar category names with different parent categories.

Screenshot of Super Speedy Meta Box Search feature, displaying term searched for (ouse) matching categories with the same letter combinations (trOUSErs, blOUSEs)

Toggle Active

Switch from displaying all product categories to displaying active categories. Continue searching here to narrow down your results. When “Show Active” is selected, the list also displays the parent and children, but not the siblings, as long as 1 of the categories is checked.

Screenshot displaying Super Speedy Meta Box Search feature, with the "Show Active" option enabled. Only checked categories and their parents/children are displayed

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