Main Super Speedy Search Settings

In the Main Super Speedy Search settings, you decide how your chosen post type gets searched for. We recommend enabling both the Search in Content and Search in Excerpt, along with using a fulltext index.

Default Post Type

Take your pick for which results your site should display after completing a search. In this case, I want to display products for a store.

Override Forms

Override search forms by selecting the first checkbox. If Super Speedy Search doesn’t override the default search form, select the second checkbox. If neither of these work, your theme may not be allowing it. It’s possible you have to override/disable manually in the theme settings.

If the search form overrides do not work, add the below line into your theme’s header.php file or wherever you want to place our search form and it will appear.
<?php echo do_shortcode(‘
Search Suggestions
      ‘)’ ?>

      Overriding wp-admin search features with faster Super Speedy Search

      In addition to overriding front-end search results, Super Speedy Search lets you override various wp-admin search areas.

      These include speeding up back-end WP_Query searches including order search and other CPT searches, wp-admin product searches, speed up link builder search including tag search, and speeding up WooCommerce wp-admin order search. We give you control over all of these so you can use Super Speedy Search in conjunction with other search tools if you so wish. (Why!? We’re the fastest!)

      Visible results

      These last two options are fairly straightforward. Here, decide how many results you would like to display per page after a search has been completed. If left empty, the default amount is specified by your theme.

      Lastly, by adding a date you can exclude results older than that date. Use the ISO date format (yyyy-mm-dd). If you would like to also specify a time, add a space and the time in 24-hour format. Be careful as this time corresponds with your server time zone, not necessarily your own. Like this: 7777-mm-dd hh:mm

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