Super Speedy Search Troubleshooting Guide

Super Speedy Search is really easy to get set up and running, but if you run into any difficulties you can find solutions for them here.

Initial Table Build has not Completed

Super Speedy Search has a supporting table it creates to handle fast search across multiple sources. This table can take a little while initially to create, but then it is auto maintained from then on.

If your tables have failed to build, check your MySQL version and if you have the right version, copy/paste the SQL from the advanced tab and run it manually by connecting to your phpMyAdmin. This should fix the issue and perform the initial table build.

Search in particular language for non-latin characters is not working

If your site is using Persian or whatever language, and you find searches are not working for non-latin characters, this is almost certainly because the character set for your database is not set correctly to your region.

Our plugin will use whatever the default character set is configured in your installation. You can see your default character set and collation in your wp-config.php file.

/** Database charset to use in creating database tables. */
define( 'DB_CHARSET', 'utf8mb4' );
/** The database collate type. Don't change this if in doubt. */
define( 'DB_COLLATE', '' );

If you have the wrong character set in your wp-config.php, you could change it there and then re-run your table build and try your non-latin search again to confirm it works.

Search is still slow

If your search is still slow, either Super Speedy Search is not running on your results pages yet, or some other plugin is altering your search query. For example, you maybe used to use a ‘Search SKU’ plugin to add SKU search to your main search. With Super Speedy Search this is no longer needed – we have incredibly fast techniques to search for SKUs, so disable any other 3rd party search feature from your theme or plugins.

Disable the Blocksy Theme ‘Search by SKU’ feature to ensure our ultra fast search is not slowed down

You can check if something else is altering your search query by activating Query Monitor, clicking the Database Queries tab then searching for the word ‘against’ – this will match the full text logic and find the main query.

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