Auto Infinite Scroll
Dev Diary

Dev Diary #4

I've finally arrived and settled at my final destination. My new base is Paros in Greece ...
Plugin Updates

Auto Infinite Scroll multiple updates released – but a manual update required

I realised yesterday that all the lovely updates I've been making for Auto Infinite ...
Case Studies

Getting Rehub Working with Super Speedy Plugins Plugins

Since pivoting the business slightly to focus almost entirely on plugin development, I've ...
Dev Diary

Super Speedy Plugins Plugin Updates and Feature Requests

There have been a large number of plugin updates over the past few weeks and some more ...
Case Studies

Foundthru demo site of Super Speedy Plugins plugins

The Foundthru site has been built to demonstrate the functionality and performance of the ...
Dev Diary

Scalability Pro is changing

I've been working hard on the latest version of Scalability Pro to bring improved ...
Plugin Updates

Scalability Pro upgrade released

There's a new update available for Scalability Pro. We're now up to version 3.1. Fixes ...
Plugin Updates

Super Speedy Plugins Performance Plugin v2.7 Released

I've finally posted the update to the Super Speedy Plugins Performance Plugin. This ...

How the natural sort order and pagination/product count options work in the Super Speedy Plugins plugin

There are a few extra options in version 2.7 of the Super Speedy Plugins Performance ...
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