Dev Diary #4

Dave Hilditch
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I’ve finally arrived and settled at my final destination. My new base is Paros in Greece – a fair distance from snowy and wintery Scotland. I have a lot of support to catch up on, something approaching 200 chats to work through. If you have been awaiting a response, I appreciate your patience and I will get a reply out to you asap.

Faster Woo Widgets update released

The major update to Faster Woo Widgets was released yesterday. The upgrades included fixes for:

  • Search attributes – this now properly displays the search drop down regardless of your theme
  • Permalink ordering – this now properly reflects the ordering you chose – e.g. /category/color/flavor/
  • Taxonomy ordering – the ordering added here now ensures there are no duplicate URLs – e.g. for the colour attribute, if you have multi-select enabled, if the user selects orange and then blue, the URL will become /blue/orange/ rather than there being the possibility of /orange/blue/ + /blue/orange/. Hierarchical taxonomies are not sorted (e.g. categories)
  • Max and Min price now properly appear in the ‘existing filters’ widget
  • Multi-select of attributes when you chose to ‘expand’ the options has been fixed in all cases now. For example, if you select multi-select-expand for the Colour attribute, users selecting black and white will now correctly see all products with either black or white colour attributes.

Doc Requests & Bug Reports

I’ve tested a few different WordPress bug and doc-request tracking plugins and I’ve eventually settled on IdeaPush.

This new plugin will be used for reporting bugs and for requesting walkthroughs for various things related to our plugins.

The overall aim here is to have the on-site chat support for chatting and general Q&A whilst bug reports and doc requests will be properly reported through this new plugin. Our chat robot Woofybot will be upgraded shortly to spot when you are trying to report a bug and will provide you with a link to report the bug.

This gives me the ability to have open chat through the site, but eliminates duplicate requests from our work queue, and it’ll make it easier for support users to triage support to the correct place.

Delayed Release

The Scalability Pro release that improves wp-admin performance on your orders page has been delayed due to bugs found in testing.

Upcoming Releases

Firstly, I have 200+ support chats to work through after my recent absence, so I’ll be triaging them first. Once that’s done, the next items in the pipeline are:

Next Week

My primary aim is to triage support and then next week focus on documentation and updates for Price Comparison Pro. I’ll probably be focusing on Price Comparison Pro for 2 or 3 weeks as there are a few requests coming in for that plugin, but I’ll also be fleshing out the documentation thoroughly with videos, guides and walkthroughs.

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  1. Hi Dave,

    After reading this post I was hoping to hear back from you last week, as you said you’d be spending the week to get back to the support tickets.

    I’ve sent a few reminders to my support ticket, but not heard back and I’m getting quite frustrated as it’s been over 3 months since purchasing the product and not having any support.

    I would appreciate if you could get back to me this week?

    • Hi – my support chat is now up to date. Can you please check your email?

      If it’s a bug you’re reporting, please use our new bug reporting feature rather than reporting it through chat. Same for feature requests or documentation requests.

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