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Dave Hilditch
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I’m writing this from a ferry about to leave Venice for Greece and to my horror I’ve just discovered that there’ll be no wifi once we leave the port. It’s a 28 hour journey.

I had been planning on using the full day tomorrow to finally release the Faster Woo Widgets upgrade and the other updates that have collected over the past couple of weeks, but now it’s looking like I won’t be able to release these until Friday. I’ve had spotty internet over the past few days and rare chances to do much. Some personal changes meant that I ended up leaving for Greece this week rather than last, so my schedule is a little messed up.

What will be delivered this week?

Essentially the plan is to release Faster Woo Widgets – it’s a major upgrade – but I want to have permanent internet connectivity once it goes live in case any of you experience any issues at all. So that’s further delayed until Friday now.

I’ll take stock on Friday once the release is done to figure out what else can be released and try and get some other plugin updates out then too.

Other improvements coming

This is more of a Super Speedy Plugins development rather than a plugin development, but I’ve been working on my support robots to triage the requests that come in. I’m loving Intercom (the chat system) but it’s not perfect. The main problems are around visibility of issues at a glance, grouping of issues and ticketing. The robots I’m working on basically man the first-level chat support and help customers/visitors to:

  • Find documentation
  • Create a documentation request
  • Create a bug ticket
  • Create a feature request

I want to increase visibility and transparency of what’s being worked on as much as possible, and to make it so that when I answer/resolve/complete a doc-request/bug-ticket/feature-request, that the relevant parties are automatically notified so I don’t need to answer everyone individually who asked the same question, or submitted the same bug.

The chat robots will help with all of the above, but priority remains bug-fixes first – with chat-bot development happening at the same time to streamline support more and more.

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  1. I’m really dissapointed. I’ve been seeing the progress on on a daily basis and you are able to add all the feautures in a couple of days, but third month passed and bugs have not been fixed and update not released.

    This is the main reason why customers ask the same never answered questions over and over again. I like what you do, but please treat your customers better.

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