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There have been a large number of plugin updates over the past few weeks and some more which are rolling out today and tomorrow. These have been updates for:

I’m aware many of you are awaiting an update for External Images. This is now slightly delayed but is NEXT in the queue.

Change Logs

I have added readme.txt files to each of the plugins and I’m now tracking the full list of changes inside the changelog section of those readme.txt files. Soon, I will have these changelog details integrated directly into the product pages on the website.

Feature Requests

I have integrated a new Feature Request system into the website. I have created some feature requests on behalf of users who had submitted feature requests through the ticketing system.

In future, I would like any of you suggesting a feature to use this new system so I can keep the ticketing system clear for support issues.

You can view the existing feature requests here:

You can vote on features you’d most like to see and you can also suggest your own features for future development in each plugin.


I have also integrated the FAQ system fully into the site and this FAQ list is now growing daily. You can view the FAQ here:

The FAQs and the Feature Requests have also been integrated directly into the product pages under 2 new tabs, FAQ and DEV.

For example, here is the FAQ tab for Price Comparison Pro:

More documentation coming

I’ve been focusing on getting the functionality everyone needs into each plugin and fixing any outstanding bugs, but soon you’ll see the documentation being updated substantially. If anyone has any questions for any products in the meantime, please submit a ticket and I’ll make an FAQ reply for you.



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