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Last week I got a whole bunch of new customers who are Datafeedr users. I love Datafeedr too, and since you joined I figured I should release these two plugins that have been helping me and some of my clients with Datafeedr related sites.

Faster Datafeedr Product Sets Plugin

The first plugin is free and is a drop-in replacement for the existing datafeedr-product-sets plugin. I scoured through the code and optimised where possible to make this plugin perform a lot more quickly. I’ve submitted the code to Eric @ Datafeedr, so these performance boosts will eventually make it into their official core, but in the meantime you can grab yourself 10 – 20x faster speed boosts.

I only ask that you report back in a review on the product page to tell me what speed boost you get for your imports.

Grab a free copy here:

External WordPress Images Plugin

This plugin spoofs the featured images in WordPress and WooCommerce into thinking they exist, but in actual fact they reside on the external affiliate CDN. That means, if you’re importing millions of products, you don’t need all the storage space to store these images. That means bigger sites on smaller servers, less of your bandwidth being used, and less server resource being consumed since your server is no longer downloading images and creating 4 or 5 different sized versions.

It works automatically with Datafeedr – the only caveat being that it won’t affect any products where the images have already been downloaded to your server. It’s possible to fix this by temporarily deleting your product sets (moving them to trash folder), waiting for datafeedr to delete those products and images, then restore the product sets from trash again.

Visit the External WordPress Images Plugin page


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