Super Speedy Plugins Plugin Deployment Process

Dave Hilditch
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I like transparency. I also like repeatable processes – once you have a repeatable process, you can measure and you can improve.

To that end, here is our plugin deployment process:

  1. Develop fixes, features on your local environment
  2. Commit changes and edits to your local repository against the relevant Jira issue
  3. Once you have a complete package you are happy to deliver, ensure you update the version number in the main file of the plugin
  4. Request a pull (or push if you have priviliges) to the relevant Bitbucket repository for the plugin
  5. Create a zip of the plugin (if you’re zipping from your local repo, remember to delete the .git folder from the zip)
  6. Test the new plugin on where we have extensive logging, monitoring and regression testing
  7. Once confirmed ready, upload the zip file to the wpintense plugins folder and edit the relevant .json file to include the updated version number
  8. Test the automatic update works properly using (all our plugins are installed there)


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