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Check out my latest Super Speedy Search update. Firstly, I’ve removed the hidden shortcode in the code as some were using that instead of the widget.

I’ve also removed the ‘search as you type’ feature as this was causing way too many support queries. I will reintroduce this feature when I add auto-complete to the search. Basically, the problem users were having is slow typers would type, it would search and the page results would update and the search box would be empty. Now, you can still use ajax (although I’ve added an option to disable this too) but users need to hit enter or click the search button.

Here’s the changelog – I have an update to the site coming soon (hopefully this week) which will add an extra tab to the product pages so you can see the changelogs for all plugins:

=== Super Speedy Search ===

== Changelog ==

= 1.19 (4th January 2018) =
* Removed unused shortcode option
* Removed ‘search as you type’ – was causing too many bugs – will re-introduce along with auto-complete – i.e. for slow typers, we’ll guess what they’re typing, auto-complete and auto-search. Otherwise empty results appear and the search box clears.
* Altered default search to ‘best relevance’ (even when widget not used)
* Added 2 new sorting options – sort by recent items and sort by relevance + date weight
* Added settings page to allow non-widget search to be configured
* Added option to disable ajax and send userst to normal search results page

= 1.18 (22nd December 2017) =
* Fixed bug preventing proper use of search templates when more than one post_type searched
* Fixed bug when widget used on page which contained ‘related products’ but no actual products archive (was filling the related products instead of the archive)
* Added ‘relevancy’ sort ordering to admin page and back end search results – now users can choose to order by a variety of relevancy scores

= 1.17 (30th November 2017) =
* Added JS trigger event after Super Speedy Search complete called super-speedy-search-complete – useful for other developers who implement things like lazy load in their themes so that their code can run after super speedy search has updated the page
* Added search placeholder text option for customisation and internationalisation
* Added search button text option too
* Added option to allow searching of wp_postmeta – admin can choose meta_keys to search

= 1.16 =
* Improved speed when user hits ENTER (instead of waiting 450ms after keypress)
* Fixed widget on non-archive pages, now search redirects to traditional search results pages

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