Minor update for Scalability Pro released

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This minor update for Scalability Pro is for those of you installing fresh on MySQL 8 (as opposed to those who upgraded to MySQL 8).

MySQL 8 by default makes the ‘information schema’ tables case-sensitive, so there was a bug that meant new installs were not spotting the indexes which had been created causing much confusion.

If you were affected, you would have seen something like this after creating the indexes:

Now that this bug is fixed, you should see the following. If you do not, please delete the indexes and then create them again.

You should see this once the indexes are created.

Minor update for Scalability Pro fixes the index issue

Upcoming Features

This is one of our key plugins to solve performance and scalability issues with WooCommerce and WordPress in general. The following items are coming soon to speed things up more:

  • Optimised product variants – the way WooCommerce stores product variants is awful. I’ll fix that soon.
  • Improved options for sort order – e.g. to keep sort orders in wp-admin but eliminate it and use DB ordering on the front-end

If there are other things you’d like to see, let me know.

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