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I became aware a few days ago that I’d inadvertently broken the automatic updates for this plugin and so users haven’t been receiving updates.

To fix this, please visit your account page and download the latest version. If you are on the latest version of WordPress, you can then visit wp-admin -> Plugins -> Add New and then upload this new zip file. The latest version of WordPress will then ask you if you wish to replace your current version.

Here is your download link:

There have been quite a few major updates to this plugin to vastly improve speed – particularly related to postmeta search, as well as to improve fuzzy matching.

You can view the changelog here:

There is one further improvement that I can make to Super Speedy Search to make the search even faster, but I need your help to figure out how to implement it. If you user postmeta search inside Super Speedy Search, then please upvote this feature request and add any comments that are relevant:

Finally, I still have no reviews for this plugin – if you find it useful (0.2 second search is better than 20 second search right??) then please help me by taking a minute to write a review here:

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