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Yesterday, to practically zero fanfare, we had our Super Speedy Pack launch. This new pack is available for per-year licensing (unlimited sites) and includes Super Speedy Search, Super Speedy Filters and Scalability Pro.

Scalablity Pro, Super Speedy Filters, and Super Speedy Search - the three Super Speedy Plugins for our Super Speedy Pack launch

Instant as-you-type suggestions on a million product store on a $20 per month server. Some thought it would not be possible – well, it is and it’s real. There are a few more upgrades to come to Super Speedy Search, but it’s ready to come out of beta this week. Here are some key features:

  • Instant as-you-type search using native WordPress tech! (requires MySQL 8 or MariaDB however)
  • Search any post type, search multiple post types in our ajax panel
  • Include widgets in the ajax panel e.g. to show users matching categories or attributes for your search
  • Integrates fully with Super Speedy Filters

Future developments

For Super Speedy Search, we’re pretty much there – it’s mostly tidying up CSS, and then integrating with the Customization API to provide more visual styling options.

  • Customization API integration
  • Synonyms and improved suggestions control
  • Autocomplete in addition to autosuggest
  • Search log and search-miss log

Super Speedy Filters (formerly called Faster Woo Widgets)

Over the past year I have been working incredibly hard to get Faster Woo Widgets up to the level where it works for everyone straight out of the box. It’s still not quite there yet, but it’s very close. Here is where we are at currently:

  • Custom taxonomy/category widgets with various display options
  • Attribute widgets with various display options
  • Very fast & integrates tightly with Super Speedy Search so users can drill down on search results using the widgets
  • Colour filters, brand filters etc
  • Almost complete URL and SEO control – pretty permalinks, template selection, canonical control, indexing control

Future developments

The list of outstanding work is narrowing down – we’ve fixed pretty much every bug I think, and squeezed out tons of speed so next up is the final set of features for Super Speedy Filters to come out of beta:

  • Custom Postmeta filter – filtering on numbers, text, whatever the admins wish – currently only instock and onsale postmeta filters are available. This will allow review filters, size filters, weight filters etc
  • Multiselect for taxonomies – this is very close to being implemented and will allow users to select multiple categories at once with relevant filters appearing that work across both categories.
  • SEO Sitemap to provide list of all indexable hyperlinks in your shop archive. Currently everything will be indexed correctly, but you don’t have total visibility yet over what will be indexed.
  • Per filter-combo and even per URL content control – to allow users to create brand landing pages or brand + colour landing pages etc
  • Compatibility for Permalink Manager Pro – Permalink manager allows the same slug to be used provided it is qualified. I will add compatibility with this.
  • Image representation of filters – e.g. for Brands, users would like to display the Nike, Adidas logos etc in their sidebar and on top of the products so users can filter quickly based on brand recognition.
  • Geospatial filter – e.g. if co-ordinates are stored, the Geospatial filter will let you filter to all items within X distance of Y. Y can be current user GeoIP, postcode, zip or long/lats.
  • Staggered filtering – to allow users to select multiple items and then hit APPLY or FILTER, rather than selecting each one then having to wait for the next page before selecting the next filter.
  • Admin interface cleanup to make onboarding easier
  • Filter any post-type – I’ve had a few requests for this recently, and Super Speedy Filters will – in future – work against any post type, not just products.

Other developments

Price Comparison Pro has had a few upgrades recently and this week will get a update to allow you to grab prices from the JSON object in It’s also getting its first version of ‘Price Rules. A few customers and potential customers have asked for this. They want to scrape their competition and provide their own price 5% cheaper than the competition unless that price goes below their bottom price.

Of particular note: Price Comparison Pro licensing is changing to per-site licensing very soon. It will be the only plugin we have which is per-website because of the cost to support it and we will provide a maintenance support plan too. If you want us to maintain the CSS/Regex/xPath to scrape your websites properly then we will charge €1 per month per scraped-website for this service. This service will be launched once the Price Comparison Pro plugin has been updated to inform us of broken scrapers and to pull scraper configs from our servers.

Limited deals still available

While the new pack is only available on per-year pricing (unlimited sites), we still have our old lifetime packs available. These will be available until the end of March at which time they will be retired – if they ever make a reappearance, they’ll probably be double the price so if you’re convinced that our plugins are what you need to guarantee the best performance from your WordPress websites then grab a lifetime deal today!

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  1. Love the details you provide with your updates and dev plans. I purchased long ago but never implemented. Time to get on it.

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