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Pricing products is never easy – sometimes you drop the price and it actually reduces sales! Over the past few weeks I’ve been considering how to increase the value proposition to new users while keeping existing users happy, all while making the price right so we can grow and hire more staff.

Single Site Licenses

The first thing that has happened is I’ve introduced single-site licenses, so now there are new cheaper options available to purchase. Up until now I’ve offered unlimited site licenses, which has been good for helping get agencies and developers on board who have been helping me with development of Super Speedy Search and Super Speedy Filters.

When it was tricky to install and configure Super Speedy Search, it was helpful to me to have dev-knowledgeable customers, but now that installation and configuration is automatic and the knowledge base articles are growing in number I feel like the support questions for installation won’t be so many.

Super Speedy Search is ready!

I still have unlimited site licenses available, but the price of these has increased a little to reflect the value of the work I’ve completed over the past year. I really feel that Super Speedy Search is the best search plugin available for WordPress now – even better than Elastic Search which costs a small fortune.

Super Speedy Filters is also awesome – although it’s still in beta and still limited to ‘products’ post-types, it’s only weeks away from coming out of beta.

Limited Lifetime Deals Still Available

I still have the option of lifetime deals available. The lifetime deal includes Super Speedy Search, Super Speedy Filters and Scalability Pro.

The lifetime deal is available at €499 and gives you lifetime support & updates for unlimited sites. Given the price of our only real search competitor – Elastic Search – I think this is an absolute bargain, especially when you get filters and Scalability Pro included.

I’m only making a few LTDs available at this reduced price and when those are sold out I’ll be increasing the price of the lifetime unlimited site deal. Eventually, the price of the LTD will become €999 before being phased out altogether.

Upgrade Coupons Available

If you are an existing customer, you can contact me or @glynnage through Discord or by emailing with your order number and we’ll provide you an upgrade coupon so you can just pay the difference. At some point soon, once I’ve got Super Speedy Filters out of beta, I’ll upgrade the site to automatically handle the upgrade path and provide an automatic discount, but in the meantime please contact one of us and we’ll be happy to look at your order value and create you an upgrade coupon.

Thank you to my existing customers for helping me make these plugins as awesome as they are, and I look forward to hearing all your comments on the new updates coming to Super Speedy Filters in the coming weeks.

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